Rucman vrh estate is located on the hills in the utmost south part of the Kozjanski national park, which provides majestic sight from Bizeljsko, Zagreb and Gorjanci hills all the way to Snežnik.

Distant enough, to awake a true coexisting with nature, and still close enough to daily routine, which makes it a perfect visit for coincidental traveller, families or groups, who wish something different, warm and personal.


You are in the centre of our attention – satisfaction guaranteed!




Rucman vrh estate ensures excellent offer and adjustment to personal preferences that different groups of visitors have. Kindness and well qualified employees are assurance for your contentment.
We guarantee personal approach and offer a wide range of different activities in order to make your stay a perfect experience.

You’re looking for something different and unique? We offer you demographic authenticity.

Location in regional park Kozjansko ensures intact nature and dictates return back to nature and its resources.



Through its offer, the estate maintains local tradition, connects and creates new business opportunities through the integration of local manufacturers.
For you we care for historical value

At first Sotler homestead, throughout two centuries. In the 70’s of previous century, RC Labod. In the time of independence, point of support for Slovenian Territorial Army. Today, estate which carries a name of a 528m high hill named Rucman vrh, which is in shooting range from the homestead. According to the fact, that there are still existing preserved documents, from the time of Sotler family landowners, a part of a country house will be renewed and will serve as an interesting journey back in time.